Conference Schedule

Dear all,

After a few adjustments here and there, I have posted a new schedule, which should accommodate all of the needs and requests we’ve received, as well as reflect a few corrections.

Conference Schedule (version: April 17)

I am delighted with the conference schedule, which my colleague Ned Schantz was equally responsible for vetting and developing with me, so I hope you’ll all take a moment to thank him in April. The days will be packed with excellent panels to choose from in no small thanks to Ned’s generosity as a co-organizer.

Please recall that the end of February marks the end of the rates as they currently exist for registration. Our hotel rooms, moreover, are going fast, so I strongly encourage you to register for the conference and then use the hotel link you will receive as part of your registration confirmation in order to book as soon as possible. As a reminder, all participants must be registered as ISSN members, as well.

All my best,