Dear Narrative Conference Attendees:

Below you will find a link for registration. Once you click on the link, all following steps will be straightforward. As you go through the process, you will see that I request that you register for the Welcome Reception and the Awards Luncheon, though both of these are complimentary. In addition, you will indicate whether or not you wish to register for the Pedagogy Lunch, which is $15.00 Canadian (roughly $10 US).

Importantly, once you have completed the registration process, you will receive a confirmation email to the address you provide during registration. With your confirmation email, you will receive a link to the Sofitel—exclusive to paid registrants—that will enable you to book a room at the hotel for the registrant rate. Be sure you keep your eyes open for the confirmation email so that you can register for your room at the hotel.

Should you have any questions as you go through this process, please feel free to contact me ( or Nina Dolea ( for assistance.

Et voila!—your registration link:

All best, and see you in April!